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As the demand for private label sportswear manufacturing in Eastern Europe is booming, our company has restructured over the past 2 years to become an expert in the supply of brands with a range of products, ready for customisation.

In close collaboration with our product designers, you can tweak each product to fit your brand perfectly. Be that switching some fabrics, labels, fit or other.

Today, we supply skating-, cycling-, triathlon-, rugby-, gym- and running brands with customised apparel.

Our team of product designers is also able to develop your specific garments based on just sketches or a rough idea. We can set-up a (video)call with your team to find out the specific needs for your brand. The approximate development time (from idea to final product is about 1 - 2 months, depending on the complexity of the product and the availability of the fabric and trims)

As an example, below are pictures of productions we have made for a London based, Ladies Sports Apparel brand, just based on sketches of the product.

We did the product development, artwork preparation, sampling and mass manufacturing from A-Z.

That means we can also help your start-up brand to get set-up, even if you have no product design skills. We are flexible on our MOQ as well, depending on your requirements.

















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